Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Peas & Carrots

I have four of these jars of peas ready to plant today. I rinsed them a couple of times, since it's been two days (instead of the usual 24 hours) since I put them in to soak.

Raw as a lifestyle is becoming more known now than it was when I learned about it a few years ago. Raw chocolate wasn't on the market yet (at least not here), agave was brand new, there were not very many raw products available in the stores, there were very few books published about raw food, etc. I can't tell you how many times someone would find out that I ate "raw" and the jaw would drop & the person would ask, "So, what do you eat - carrots and salad?"

Well, at the time, I hadn't found a good salad dressing recipe, so I didn't really like salad. I preferred to drink green juices. I also wasn't a fan of carrots. So I would respond to that question with, "No, I don't really like either one very much." The person's jaw would then drop even further, and I would be asked, "Well, then what do you EAT?!"

Yesterday, I started a new blog that will be all about what I eat. I will still blog here about all kinds of things relating to raw food & the raw lifestyle. The new blog will be kind of a food log, to show you (and myself) what I eat from day to day. I am hoping to show that healthy food can taste good, that it IS possible to get plenty to eat on a high-raw or all-raw diet, and that my food choices are far from being about deprivation! :) I also hope to give ideas to people (including myself!) who wonder what to eat when they're tired of carrots & salad. ;)

Check it out here:

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