Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another BLOG!

I just wanted you all to know that I have started yet another blog. www.dreamjoyfully.blogspot.com will be about any & all aspects of my life, growth & learning. Don't worry, though; I'll keep the kitchen open!

Yesterday, I made a raw pizza, spicy-cheesy dehydrated cauliflower snacks (no, I don't think they are really like "popcorn", but it's a tasty & nutritious snack all the same!), and dehydrated buckwheat "crunchies". I'm meeting the colder weather with dehydrated food. Salad is good (and I had a big one for breakfast today), but I tend to like some dry &/or salty food to keep me warm in the winter. Speaking of cold weather, I'm also mourning for the loss of my garden to the freezing temperatures. The cucumber & tomato plants are covered & haven't completely died off yet, but I'm not thinking they'll last much longer. I hope to get at least one more good harvest of cucumbers to juice - I'm loving my green juices!

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