Sunday, September 20, 2009

Some Changes, and I'm Officially a Weirdo

I haven't fallen off the planet, but a few changes are here since I last blogged.


1. I am a mom & now I'm also in school. These are my priorities, so no promises on how often I'll be blogging.

2. I'm not vegan. I never was, but for a time I aspired to be, and even with supplements my health got worse the longer I did it, and now I'm doing better since I've gone back to being non-vegan.

3. I'm changing the blog title because I'm not eating 100% raw these days, and I want to share stuff about other nutritious foods, too.

4. I want to talk about other facets of my life & health in addition to food.

Okay, so with all that said, here is my funny experience from this weekend: this is not RAW food related, but it has to do with my (happily geeky) interest in health & nutrition.

I was recently told that my son needs more vitamin B6. We have been struggling a bit with this since he hates the taste of the kids' multivitamin I bought him, and he hasn't learned to swallow capsules. One day he started reading the label of a health bar I had bought for him & told me it had vitamin B6, so I've been looking at food labels to see what else it's in. Vitamin B6 isn't a required listing on the standard nutrition label, but some "health food" products are proud of their extra nutrients & will list them for you. We were at the grocery store recently, and I was reading a label of some whole-grain cereal that my son wanted me to buy for him. I saw B6 on the label, so I said to my son, "Hey, it has vitamin B6!" A random stranger walking past said sort of mockingly, "You can't live without THAT!" Haha! I guess not everyone shares my enthusiasm for these sorts of things (not that I asked him to...).


  1. Glad to know you can admit it! Hello, my weird and wacky and wonderful friend!!!

  2. Hi, just found your blog and am following. I wanted you to know that actually I'm Cece from Rawfu!

  3. Andrea - Yes, I admit it - thanks for appreciating me!

    Glimmer - welcome & thanks for saying hi!