Friday, March 20, 2009


If there's one thing that is constant in life (mine anyway), it's that nothing is constant - things change! For a week, I needed very little insulin. It didn't last. I started a challenge to only spend $5 per day on food. After two days, I looked at my calorie intake and realized there was NO WAY I could live on that amount & stay healthy.

For me, the key to dealing with change, is to change. If my circumstances change, and I don't change what I'm doing, then my life will change in often unpleasant ways, so...I have gone back to eating all the healthy food I want when I want it, and I check my blood sugar often. I have stopped trying to limit my budget to a certain amount per day, and I am eating healthy (& getting enough calories). :) I have learned through these experiments. Because of my food combining experiment, I have more ideas than before about different types of meals, & I have found some new recipes I really like. Because of my budget experiment, I am more aware of nutrition & calorie content per dollar of many foods, and that helps me budget better, by focusing on the less-expensive choices.

What changes are you making?

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  1. I'm including more chocolate in my diet. I've also found 3 ways to eat my greens each day - green smoothies, juicing, and spring mix. It has helped me to feel much more balanced. I need to make more changes so that I have access to more snacks in the afternoon - I'm ravenous every workday at 4!