Monday, March 23, 2009

More budgeting & food storage :)

I have been taking inventory of my food storage. Although it's not all raw stuff (I stocked up on popcorn, beans, peanut butter, etc. for my son), it's stuff that would keep us alive if we didn't have anything else to eat. We have enough food for my son & me to last about four months, calorie-wise. :)

I have also been working on a plan of what to buy to even things out a little better - like having oil to go on the popcorn, etc. :P I have made a plan of what to buy so I can keep my supply at the four-month level while gradually evening out the calorie distribution (I'm getting pretty low on oils & seeds, not to mention that we'd probably get scurvy if I don't add some dried fruits, at least) and then gradually get it to contain more of what we regularly like to eat after that. I'll do it by stocking up on cheaper raw stuff (sunflower seeds, flax, etc.) at first and then gradually "branch out" to include more variety (dried fruits, more kinds of nuts, cacao, agave instead of just the bucket of honey we already have, etc.) It's feeling really good, and it will help me with the budgeting challenge, too, because I'm paying attention to what gives me the most calories for my money! I'm hoping to be able to save enough money by gardening this summer to save up & buy another 5-gallon bucket of olive oil by the end of August - it's about $17 per liter that way, rather than $23 per liter if I buy it in one-liter bottles...that makes a big difference when you use it as much as we do! :)

What's in your budget &/or food storage plan?


  1. I don't have a very detailed food storage plan because we don't have much room. I do have a large bucket of coconut butter. we also sometimes get large packages of toilet paper.

    i don't tend to get paranoid about running out of food because we have over 5 grocery stores within a short walk away. yes we have a lot of people in the area, but i think i could be ok.

  2. I have limited storage, but I do like to keep plenty of staples around - since I often experience situations where it's bitterly cold or I'm feeling unwell and I'm low on food. Keeping plenty of dishes in the freezer and pantry has helped me on many occasions. When low on fridge food, I often turn to banana chia almond milk cereal or fruit smoothies.

  3. Aimee - I live on a major fault line, in a climate that makes icy roads a regular occurrence in the winter, and I experience financial craziness, and last year a lady working at Albertsons said that their drivers were threatening to go on strike because they couldn't afford the fuel and that would mean they wouldn't be able to stock their shelves...I guess that as long as you can get to the store, and the food can get to the store, and you have money to buy the food, then all is well. :)

    Gloria - I aspire to be as prepared as you are with ready-to-eat food!