Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Raw Fat & Health

Raw foodies AND non-raw people have either hinted or directly said that I eat way too much fat to be healthy. Before I went high-raw, I had high cholesterol that wouldn't come down even with medication. The last time I got my lipid panel (blood tests for cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.) done, my doc said that the results were excellent and showed that I don't eat much fat. If I thought he'd appreciate the irony, I'd have fallen off the chair with laughter. :)


  1. Guess what?!? I had my first shot of wheat grass today. I don't know why cows like to chew and rechew their cud. The first time through was more than enough for me! :) I was glad for an orange juice chaser and huge glass of water and a smoothie to wash it down. But, I think I can still taste it....

  2. my cholesterol is still high but DOWN on raw vegan from cooked vegan. must be all that coconut butter. LOL

  3. Andrea - Congratulations on surviving the wheatgrass - yeah, that stuff is POTENT! :D I think cows have stuff in their stomachs that break down the grass - maybe it takes away the taste, too? ;)

    bitt - Yay for coconut butter! That reminds me I've been wanting some...